Chicago is a case study in what Democrats do.
Pretty nearly every major American city lives under a thoroughly corrupt, appallingly mismanaged one-party regime, whose permanent grip on power is based on the block voting of a property-less, non-tax-paying, practically illiterate, welfare constituency, residing under what amounts to a permanent military occupation.
Let us not overlook the role of the government schools and the minimum wage in rendering the vassals sub-literate and unemployable.  But the failing cities are running out of other people's money, and there are limits to what a military occupation can do to maintain stability.
This is a monster the government and effete urbanite elitists created.  The hive is coming apart at the seems [c.q.], and the only way to keep it together is harsher and harsher stability operations.  Make no mistake about it.  The Chicago Mayor knows all about the tactics in use in Chicago and approves of them.  The firing of the chief of police was a sacrifice to the masses.

The lesson for us is that police departments are more and more using stability operations as a model or paradigm for their work, with the approval of those in charge.
And there is no easy way to square the libertarian circle in order to limit the police powers and roll back the crumbling welfare state. Dystopia cometh?

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