Slate's Ashley Balcerzak reports on efforts in several of the states to call an Article V convention to amend the Constitution of the United States of America.  There's the obligatory fretting about the John Birch Society, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and for all I know the non-sailing Koch brothers and the Freemasons.  There's also evidence of participants, working from a left-wing perspective, seeking such a convention to clarify the distinction between natural and legal persons.  The article reinforces a warning I recently issued.  "Would make for an interesting constitutional convention if the libertarians and the non-vanguardist leftists showed up in force."
For bills to count toward the necessary 34 applications, though, they must seek the same amendment to discuss at the convention. So far, a balanced budget amendment is the closest to that requirement. But bills have also called for conventions about a cornucopia of issues, ranging from reforming campaign finance to congressional term limits. Critics are concerned that other topics could be introduced once the convention begins.
Perhaps, gridlock, or the difficulty true believers have in compromising, will more effectively preserve the existing Constitution than the political class or the courts can.

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