Chris Matthews signed off Hardball last night with a wallow in the 1968 New Hampshire primary.

That's what the blurb promises, but perhaps it's mutual admiration between Mr Matthews and Mx Maddow and Mr Todd.  Perhaps the Obamacare webmaster is now handling content for MSDNC.

The pre-debate signoff featured Mr Matthews reminiscing about Eugene McCarthy's 1968 run in New Hampshire, which in his segment led to the abdication of Lyndon Johnson.  Let me finish the finish.

Left on the cutting-room floor:  Robert Kennedy, sensing weakness, gets into the race, only to be murdered by a Palestinian sympathizer in Los Angeles.  Hubert Humphrey gets in, then gets the nomination without a single vote cast in a primary.  The convention, in Chicago in August, was worthy of a banana republic, with the elder Mayor Daley playing the heavy.  Tell the whole story, Chris.


Dr. Tufte said...

You forgot:

After squandering the opportunity of Johnson possibly being a winner, and then squandering the opportunity that maybe McCarthy could be a winner, and then losing the opportunity that Kennedy could be a winner, the Democrats came up with a guy that just maybe made Nixon look like the relatively attractive one on TV ... and lost the election.

Stephen Karlson said...

I submit that it wasn't Hubert Humphrey's fault, rather it was the social polarization present in Grant Park with the whole world watching that made Richard Nixon (and George Wallace, the last third party candidate to win states) look better to voters.