Let's say that David P. Goldman is gloomy.
Americans always have distrusted elites, but today's popular culture takes this to a pathological extreme. We find it oppressive to admire anything that is better than us. Instead, we identify with what is like us. That's why we listen to singers who sound like an average drunk with a karaoke machine instead of Frank Sinatra. That's why reality TV is so popular. Everybody gets to be a star. We like to watch ourselves in the mirror. This blend of narcissism and resentment is toxic. Trump's bling-and-babes lifestyle has become a national paradigm for success. We're not Trump's constituents; we're a virtual posse.
That jeremiad, however, comes in the middle of an endorsement of Ted Cruz.

It's not whether an insider or an outsider stands for the presidency, the fundamental problem confronting the Republic is the continued confidence that finding the right president is a step in the direction of Better Governance.

End the Cult of the Presidency.  End the faith in Better Governance.  That defunds the rent-seekers.

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