Perhaps the palace guard media can ignore that complaint when it comes from Pajamas Media.

What happens when John Atcheson, a regular with the New York Times, Washington Post, and the like raises the same complaint?
Sanders' victory in Michigan was all the more remarkable given the fact that the MSM has been either ignoring him, distorting his positions, and/or giving Hillary a free pass on issues that should be examined.
Let Facts be submitted to a Candid World.
Media analysts and pundits are trained to analyze political races as horse races.  It’s all about tactics, money raised, who has support from whom, who’s “supposed” to win.

They simply aren’t equipped to understand a phenomena that comes from outside their wheelhouse.  In fact, many resent the presence of an outsider who refuses to play by the same old corrupt rules.  This is clear in the irrational attacks from normally rational players like Paul Krugman. In fact, the entire New York Times and Washington Post editorial staff and most of their news folks seem to be engaged in a institutional attack against Sanders.
Palace guard, operatives with bylines, want to keep getting invited to parties. Read on.
Sanders isn’t merely battling Clinton, he’s battling the establishment forces within labor unions, not-for-profit think tanks, and the press. In addition, Sanders is working to win over the justifiable cynicism of people who believe there is no hope for changing the system.
He's still doing so within the framework of Governance By Wise Experts and Tweaking the Tax Code, and lots of other ways that the rent-seekers will still prosper.

All the same, in a power struggle among gentry liberals, the liberties of the people might be enhanced.

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