I'm going to continue to beat the drums for better connectivity in Chicago, and for free rein to 110.

But increasing Amtrak Hiawatha service from seven round trips a day to ten is encouraging.

Here is the 1941 train schedule.

Ten distinct schedules, throughout the day, offer residents of the North Shore multiple opportunities, including the possibility of a day, or an evening, in Milwaukee or in Chicago.  At this time, it's probably too much to ask for overnight service to the Twin Cities, or to the Wisconsin Valley, or to Green Bay and the Copper Country.

But that second frequency for and from the Twin Cities is still on the wish list.
The Hiawatha planning is in line with the state’s current strategy of maintaining and improving existing passenger rail corridors, [Wisconsin Department of Transportation passenger rail manager Arun] Rao said. A study also is underway to add a second daily train run on the Empire Builder route that runs from Chicago to the Twin Cities, with a stop in Milwaukee.
We used to know that as the Morning and Afternoon Hiawatha.  The current Empire Builder echoes the old Olympian Hiawatha schedule, which in later years combined with the Morning eastbound and Afternoon westbound.  For a short time in the middle 1970s, Amtrak restored two trains.

The next item on my wish list is extending the corridor through St. Cloud to Fargo or perhaps all the way to Winnipeg.

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