Perhaps Herr Drumpf Americanized his family name as a way of assimilating.  Whether that was his rationale or not, here's a pertinent question Sarah Skwire raises at The Freeman.
It’s not funny that Trump’s family name used to be Drumpf. That’s just a standard American story that most of us probably share. To be an American, for most of us, means we’re not really from around here.

But the idea that we might have an American president who thinks it’s fine for the Drumpf family to come to America and achieve unimagined success in a few generations, but who will do everything possible to keep the Rodriguez family or the Habib family from doing the same?
It's going to be more difficult for the latest crop of immigrants to do the same thing, thanks to the deconstruction of the mediating institutions.  The absence of those institutions will only become  more clear as Middle Eastern honor culture, Central American honor culture, and the two strands of Southern honor culture collide.

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