Campus Reform finds a statement from a high official in student government at the University of New Orleans that somewhere veers into the surreal.  It's the usual sort of privilege-checking manifesto, and it commits instructive errors.  To wit:
You may be in debt, but the eligibility to take out thousands in loans, qualify for grants or scholarships to attend lectures and have so many resources at your feet is something many people aren't capable of or fortunate enough to experience.
Perhaps because accumulating resources requires work, and allocating educational resources on the basis of capability is evolutionary stable?
US citizens are a privileged group - check that privilege. We are all born with basic human rights, constitutionally, that give us the freedom of speech and expression and to form our own identities. As unfortunate as the fact is, human civil rights and freedom of choice are a privilege that many people don't have in foreign countries.
Gosh, there might be some forms of diversity not worthy of celebration?

I'm not sure if the article swerves into parody territory when right-handedness becomes another form of privilege.

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