Too much nuance in the construction of a rotary defeats its purpose.  In Rockford, the road commissioner is having trouble with two-lane roundabouts (you have to get rid of the 53 foot trailers.)  Then there's Paris, where you don't have 53 foot trailers, but you do have up to eight lanes circling the Place de la Nation.  But they're understanding that ripping up the paving is an improvement.
Seven sites in total are getting people-friendly makeovers, including tourist-frequented places like the streets around the Panthéon. This means expanding sidewalks and bike lanes, adding more greenery, and rolling out cafe chairs and tables. There’s very good precedent for this at the Place de la République, which underwent a similar makeover in 2013 that was so popular with Parisians the changes have remained to this day.
Many of these overgrown rotaries already circle monuments or existing buildings.  The overdesigned roundabouts of the State Line unfortunately create inaccessible dead space in the center.

Simplice!  Simplice!  Tojours le simplice!

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