A manifesto from Susan D. Harris.
I see anarchy on the roads, crime in our streets, drugged and drunken masses.  I see foul-mouthed, vulgar young adults who have no larger concept of where they came from or where they're going.  Indeed, they mistakenly think Western civilization, America in particular, is waiting breathlessly to embrace their falsely fresh concepts of failed utopias.  They believe that everything that came before them was a terrible mistake; it's up to them to expose and destroy the hypocrisy of Democrat ideals, capitalism, and Judeo-Christian morality.

It makes one wonder how so many people can be so easily misguided.
Deny coherent beliefs of any kind, enjoy the incoherence. Until it's you being told, "Hands behind your backs!"  Or it's your head being chopped off.
If we're so damned smart that we can outwit Beethoven and Rembrandt, why can't we convince our increasingly dumbed down, brainwashed populace that we need to preserve Western civilization and not embrace and accept cultures that not only refuse to assimilate, but are intent on destroying us?
More to the point, where are the responsible adults to do the convincing? We have quacks, poseurs, and snake-oil salesmen aplenty taking sides in the culture wars, and the election.

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