California-Davis chancellor Linda Katehi has been suspended, not exiled to Gulag.

Has nothing to do with consorting with known subversives at DeVry or covering up suppression of curricular riot with chemical weapons.
Janet Napolitano, the president of the University of California System, placed Katehi on leave, citing possible "serious violations" of university policy with regard to conflict of interest and the employment of family members. A letter from Napolitano to Katehi said that the chancellor's daughter-in-law has received "promotions and salary increases over a two-and-a-half-year period that have increased her pay by over $50,000 and have resulted in several title changes. During that same period, you put forward a pay increase of over 20 percent and a title change for your daughter-in-law's supervisor."

Further, Napolitano's letter said, the academic program that employs Katehi's son has been moved into the department where her daughter-in-law works, and "placed under her direct supervision."
Used to be, aspiring academicians were advised, "A job for your wife?  Only when you're famous enough not to need it."

Used to be, the canonical academic novel had a toxic power couple (doesn't matter what sort of toxicity) as the basis for all the plot twists.  Usually in the English department.  Economists tend not to write academic novels.

Used to be, the expression "trailing spouse" meant "inducement for famous academician" in one department and "trouble" for another department.

Those used-to-bes must be for the little people.

Our universities are being run by stupid people.

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