The point of the Diversity Weenies setting up their Tunnels of Oppression and their Privilege Checking appears to be to guilt-trip the inheritors of the institutions and traditions that make it possible for the Diversity Weenies to be parasitic on their host culture.  But instead of taking a re-education from the Weenies, we're seeing, in the electorate and in the general culture, the same kind of in-your-face respones to the Excessively Earnest that gets hailed as guerrilla theater when it's carried out by the proper kind of marginalized mascot.  On campus, perhaps Donald Trump becomes a symbol when only a properly futile and stupid gesture will serve.  Just as I anticipated.  "[Y}ou can be sure that somewhere on Greek Row there are bros looking for a way to push back against the indoctrination that passes as "affirming diversity" and recognizing that it doesn't take a really futile and stupid gesture to set the Perpetually Aggrieved off."
“Greek life may have taken after Trump so well because of the pressure that the PC Police and administrations have put on Greek life in the last 10 years,” [an Old Row spokesman] said of many fraternity and sorority members taking to The Donald. “Students are sick of the PC police on campus telling them what to think, criticizing everything someone does, being offended by everything, and taking away the traditions of their organizations.”
Yes, and engaging in guilt-tripping of mainstream Americans whilst twisting logic to rationalize the failures and the foolishness of the mascots du jour.  Sometimes the only way to deal with the idiocy is to laugh at it.  Having the courage to laugh sometimes brings out the courage in others.
“It seems the Chalkening made a lot of people that were on the fence step back and realize how silly outrage culture has become, and that is really fantastic.”

They particularly found the accusations that the chalk marks were forms of “racial intimidation” particularly egregious. The staffer believes the outrage is unfortunately a part of the larger phenomenon of American colleges no longer tolerating different points of view.

“The fact that writing the name of the front-runner of a major political party during an election season could even be considered ‘racial intimidation’ shows how absurd outrage culture has become. This is simply thought oppression that is happening on campuses all over the country, which is really sad,” he said.

“College is supposed to expose you to a wide variety of ideas, especially ones you disagree with.”
It's a strange world, in which a spokesman for the Greek-letter organizations is the last defender of academic inquiry.  Given that the chancellor at highly-regarded California-San Diego is on record endorsing the outrage culture, it is likely that the Trumpening will continue, if as a form of civil disobedience.
This graffiti runs counter to our campus values of equity and inclusion. We value diversity and respect for all cultures.

UC San Diego is steadfast in the commitment to our Principles of Community which reflect a collective dedication to a campus where we uphold each individual’s right to dignity, justice and respect. We affirm the Principles of Community as the guide for all campus citizens as we move forward to foster the best working and learning environment.
Free speech for everybody but the Trumpkins?

But the Diversity Weenies deserve only to be mocked.

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