Green Bay radio talker Jerry Bader has a daughter who is crossing.  Here he spells out the tradeoffs that confront anyone who would like to find a lasting armistice in the bathroom wars.  By way of background, his daughter was reluctant to use the assigned bathroom at school for years.  That might generalize to people who are crossing being the least likely predators.
I take someone who is transgender at their word when they say it is very difficult for them to use a bathroom intended for a gender with which they do not identify. But where my son and I, and Trump for that matter, disagree is that the fear that male predators would manipulate all inclusive bathroom policies is an irrational one. Be clear; the fear here is not that transgender persons would cause harm to women and girls in the bathroom. The fear is of men who would pretend to be transgender to exploit the situation. And such men may factor in the real possibility that women may be slow to report such activity out of fear of being accused of bigotry against someone who is actually transgender.
Perhaps we are rich enough to build public buildings that feature a few status-unassigned bathrooms, useful for dads changing their daughter's diapers, as well as for crossers.

Or perhaps a return to minding your own business, and not calling attention to yourself, is in order.  That goes for the aggressively normal (in the scheme of things, is gender dysphoria more threatening to the public order than low-functioning sociopathy?)  It also goes for the aggressively transgressive.  Just because it works for Madonna or a Kardashian won't make the rest of you any more interesting.
So what is the answer? Honestly I don’t know. I’ve seen several “third way” possibilities, including private facilities for those who are transgender. Even that option is considered discriminatory by many in the LGBT community. The desire by transgender individuals to be comfortable in public restrooms is real. The fear of inclusive bathrooms being exploited by predators is real. We’re going to have to find an answer that accommodates everyone.
The category error is in that "answer." At best there will be a Pareto improvement on the status quo.  Mind your own business might be that Pareto improvement.  "Accommodate" is a more restrictive condition than "satisfy."  It's also a condition that might be more easily achieved by something other than legislation and court tests.

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