That's the message of Janet Daley in London's Telegraph , although she expands the basic argument.  "Why should we take advice from a president who has surrendered the world to chaos?"  Our President, apparently, offered unsolicited advice to Britons on how to vote in an upcoming referendum affecting continued membership in the European Union.
The iron fist of a message inside that velvet glove of carefully recited claptrap about the special relationship is that Obama’s America wants us to stay in the conveniently monolithic, homogeneous trading bloc with which it can most easily do business. In other words, the tentative US economic recovery needs us to sacrifice our country’s judicial independence and the primacy of our parliamentary system, just as the US once sacrificed so many of its young military officers for our survival. That’s the deal.
The analogy is strained, but at the moment Our President's behavior is not filling Britons with confidence that the Arsenal of Democracy would return if called.
But there is no indication, either in Mr Obama’s words or his actual foreign policy, that America would now be prepared to make another such sacrifice for its allies.
Feckless is as feckless does.

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