The corollary proposition to "what we don't reward we get less of" is "what we reward we get more of."  In that vein, let me commend North Boone High School (in Poplar Grove, to the east of the intended route of the Great Lakes Basin Railroad) for its College Signing Day, and Rockford's television station WIFR, which dependably devotes twenty minutes of each Friday's newscast in the fall and winter to all the high school football and basketball games, local champions and also-rans alike, to covering the event.
On average, 80% of North Boone Seniors go to universities, community colleges, or trade schools after high school; but College Signing Day isn't just for seniors. It's also geared towards underclassmen.

"It was a good day for underclassmen and upperclassmen, alike, to see the accomplishments of seniors and hopefully provide inspiration for underclassmen during their application process to college," says Cunzeman.

"I know many times if an athlete is signing off to go to college, they'll be like a special thing after school and the news will be there," says Velez, "We want to draw attention to all our seniors and celebrate everybody."

As for a majority of the seniors, they say they're prepared for what the future may hold.

"It's putting us into the next chapter of our lives," says Senior Tiffany Kreutzer.
It's a step in the direction of the coverage of high school Bardiac wished for, back in February when the football letters of intent come out.

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