Perhaps I have the luxury of considering this electoral maneuver as under the Constitution, Illinois's electoral votes are likely to be in the Dowager Empress's lockbox already.
Neither [former New Mexico governor Gary] Johnson nor [former Massachusetts governor William] Weld is a purist libertarian, and both [they served as Republican governors] have come under fire within the Libertarian Party, which will nominate its candidates in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. Johnson displeased many libertarians (including me) by saying that government should ban discrimination on the basis of religion, including requiring a Christian baker to bake and decorate a cake for a same-sex wedding. Weld has supported some gun control measures.

But they will present a clear alternative to Trump and Clinton: strong and coherent fiscal conservatism, social liberalism, drug-policy reform, criminal-justice reform, reining in mass surveillance, ending executive abuse of power, and a prudent foreign policy that is neither promiscuously interventionist nor erratic and bombastic — all grounded in a philosophical commitment to liberty and limited government.

They acted on those ideas as governors, with the usual accommodations to political reality.
The article notes that the Johnson and Weld ticket is the only constitutionalist alternative already on all fifty ballots.  It also notes that the ticket's chance of winning electoral votes isn't good.

What matters, though, whether it's Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton being sworn in next January, is that the Constitution gives Congress some powers.  Both Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton are walking exemplars of Why Presidential Power Must Be Checked.  Thus, even if the conventional wisdom is correct (#NeverTrump gets you Hillary), the Congress has some power to frustrate a president's ambitions.  (That's a common talking point among Mr Obama's defenders: look what he has to push against!  To which I say, imagine how much worse it would be with a compliant Congress.)

Thus, dear reader, whether you implement #NeverTrump #NeverHillary by abstaining on the presidential line, or picking the libertarian, or one of the other minor parties that somehow got through the Cartel's ballot rules, make the effort to learn who is running for the other offices, and choose wisely.

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