Northern Illinois University have been dealing with legislative stinginess and falling enrollments through something called program prioritization, which sounds like a Congressional Base Closing Commission with algorithms.

The initial program evaluations are now available, and the algorithm recommends something other than business as usual in athletics.
The program prioritization administrative task force recommends a reduction or phase-out of all accredited athletic programs offered at NIU, according to the administrative task force report released today.

Each program was put into one of five categories: candidate for enhanced resources, continue with no change in resources, continue with reduced resources, requires transformation and subject to additional review; candidate for phase-out.
Football is among the sports listed for continuation with reduced resources, Orange Bowl appearance and multiple trips to the Mid-American title game and aspirations of being the next Boise State notwithstanding.

Apparently, among the sports listed for possible phase-out, Title Nine dynamics remain in play.  "All sports in the 'additional review or phase-out' category, except cheerleading, carry the recommendation that if Athletics cannot find a way to be more self-sustaining, 'the department should consider eliminating a male, non-revenue sport,' according to the task force report."  Cheerleading is not essential to the mission.

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