Robert Bionaz of Chicago State University, which has a deserved reputation as a dropout factory, recognizes that when you have eliminated the impossible, the truth remains.
As a final observation, we have been hammered for years over our graduation rate, as unfair as that might be to our school. Why do we continue to admit as full-time first-year students, people who are highly likely to fail? Why don’t we insist that only students who demonstrate promise for success in college are admitted as first-year students and ask the others to attend Community Colleges in order to become transfer students? Given our recent enrollment performance, arguments like “we’re unique” or the “numbers don’t reflect what we do,” are not particularly compelling. What is Einstein’s definition of insanity? Maybe it’s time to take a new path.
Yes. And pace Dean Dad, for all the good works the community colleges do providing second chances, isn't it time to ask more of the high schools, and for the common culture to stop celebrating the splintery and the trashy?

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