The Inquisitors-in-charge at Marquette University had hoped that political scientist John "Marquette Warrior" McAdams would either recant or quietly go away.  Or perhaps he, like a cowed fraternity member, would accept the chastisings of the Wise Experts in Charge, say an Act of Contrition, and perhaps clean the sidewalk in front of the Joan of Arc Chapel with a toothbrush.

Professor McAdams is not the kind of man to "roll over," to quote Charlie Sykes.

Did you know he was once in trouble for questioning Marquette's annual performance of Vagina Monologues?  Yeah, that's so last year, that play so oppressively suggests that women have ...

See you in court, Marquette.
[Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty] President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg in announcing the lawsuit against Marquette noted that, “For blogging and defending an undergraduate student, Professor McAdams is being suspended. But it is worse than that. He is being told that he will be fired unless, in the manner of a Soviet show trial, he confesses guilt and admits that his conduct was “reckless.””
The story is breaking as I write. There will be time for a full roundup of reaction tomorrow.

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