A New York Times survey asks U. S. voters "When was America greatest?"
Over all, 2000 was the most popular choice, a preference that cut across political party, candidate preference, gender and age. The year’s popularity may partly reflect people’s fondness for round numbers. But many voters explained their choice by referring to a greater sense of security. The Sept. 11 attacks occurred the following year.
Current voters are people born in or before 1998.  For the youngest such voters, it's been nothing but turmoil for most of their lives.  Was it the hung election in Florida or the September 11 attacks or the crash of the financial markets that triggered the fourth turning?  But the signs of trouble were proliferating long before the turn of the millennium.  In my view, the deterioration began as early as 1962.  That might be on the minds of Trump voters my age and older as well.

Yes, there's a lot of sentiment among Republican voters for the prosperous and peaceful Reagan years (1985-1989) as the greatest days, but the rot in entertainment and the mediating institutions had already set in.

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