The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, counsel to John "Marquette Warrior" McAdams, smacks down the latest spin from the university.  "While Marquette repeatedly says that 'more will come out' nothing ever does. The bottom line here is that John McAdams is being punished for writing an accurate blog post about a matter of great public and institutional interest."  And Marquette president Michael "King of Diamonds" Lovell had an awkward moment at a recent alumi forum.
Lovell claimed to have gotten lots of e-mails supporting him. He apparently didn’t mention the large number opposing him. How do we know it’s a large number? Because a lot have been copied to us.

He also said he believes that our case will set a precedent that a large number of universities can follow. That is indeed a scary thought, since there are a fair number of conservative professors that a vocal section of faculty would like to get rid of, and a lot of spineless administrators who reflexively pander to the intolerant leftists.
Is this really the hill Marquette's administrators wish to die on?

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