The faculty union organizing at Northern Illinois University has been certified by the Illinois Labor Relations Board.  Overweening managements are the unions' best friends.

Western Illinois University's philosophy major will not go quietly.
Some faculty members worry the eliminations reflect a university more focused on meeting a metric favored by state officials and less about creating well-rounded students. Prominent among critics is Christopher Pynes, a professor of philosophy and chair of the Faculty Senate. The programs were reviewed because they were flagged under a state reporting requirement for programs with low enrollments, he said. But Western Illinois did not have to eliminate them.

“What’s happened is the administration sees this legal reporting requirement as a mandate for how we have to run the university,” he said. “It’s not a mandate. It’s a legal reporting standard. We just have to report.”

Departments spent months putting together proposals on how to reorganize and what to do to boost enrollment, Pynes said. Philosophy went from about 16 majors to 26 in two semesters this year, he said.
Years ago, a colleague quipped that after state government scaled back the compass direction universities, and augmented the vocational focus therein, truth in packaging would require new names, Northern Illinois Technical School and Western Illinois Technical School, or NITS-WITS, brought under one central administration.

DePaul's president Dennis Holtschneider, last seen going along with the campus snowflakes,  will be resigning the presidency.  College Insurrection's Aleister suggests "after protests from the campus left."  Reality is even worse.
Holtschneider, who has been at the helm for 12 years, said he initially planned to step down in 2019, at the end of his contract, but decided earlier this year that that wouldn’t fit well with DePaul’s “planning cycle.”

“I believe, therefore, it’s best for DePaul if I step aside in the summer of 2017 so that a new leader can assist the institution to name and ambitiously pursue its next set of strategic objectives,” Holtschneider wrote.
The article notes continued push-back from the snowflakes, but at universities run by stupid people, the deanlets, deanlings, and strategic planning consultants from outside must never lack for work, and the appearance of creativity to justify all the (unjustifiable) meeting and retreating must go on.  Never mind if the enrollments go away, and the football teams (basketball, in DePaul's case) are money sucks.

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