Glenn "Insta Pundit" Reynolds advocates a return to paper ballots for elections, rather than using information technologies to vote and count more rapidly.  Here's part of his argument.
Paper ballots may seem old-fashioned, but an emphasis on computers just for technology’s sake reminds me of stories about housewives in the 1950s who preferred canned vegetables to fresh ones because canned food seemed more modern. Just because a technology is newer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.
In the matter of ballots, perhaps optical scanning devices, as we use in DeKalb, can help with the counting once the polls close, and it should be possible to design stand-alone scanners that connect only to an electric outlet, not to the internet or anything else, and the party observers can jointly compile the tally in a few minutes of the evening.

We have the scanning devices because our earlier punch-card technology proved to be unreliable.  Those Florida hanging chads of 2000?  Secondhand Illinois voting stations.

As far as misplaced technophilia, let us recall that the TV dinner was not intended to be eaten whilst watching TV; rather because the partitioned tray looked to the inventor like a TV screen.  It also looked like a government issue serving tray for dishing up government issue food to the troops, who had any number of caustic things to say about the food so dished up.  Not such a good marketing strategy.  But the idea of eating dinner on a tray that looked like a screen whilst sitting in front of a screen caught on.  As did the idea of portion-controlled microwaveable food, never mind the gastric disaster that it has brought to the rails.

Let us recall that the idiots in faculty development have been all about the online university, never mind the deleterious effects of laptops and smart 'phones on learning.

Let us recall that it is easier to wire a railroad signalling system to clear one route at a time, rather than to override the signals.

Technological advances, desirable if applied correctly.

Technological advances, making it easier for GRU to get secrets, not so much.

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