Public subsidies for Commuter Rail tend to focus on providing utilitarian transportation for as many passengers as can be crammed onto the cars with little regard for comfort.  Thus the bar car is often threatened, even in the land of the three-martini lunch and the eighty-six-proof-anaesthetic-crutches.  Stop the presses!  Metro-North will be restoring bar cars on rush hour trains out of Grand Central.  "Good news for thousands of commuters, although I must say they don’t look as homey as the originals." Trains and Travel's Jim Loomis goes on to observe, "I’m not sure this qualifies as the first indication that a return to the Golden Age is imminent, but it’s a damn good start!"  The restoration of a state of good repair (Make the New Haven Great Again?) might be accomplished more easily on the rails than in the popular culture.  Chicagoans, however, will continue to have to bring their own (except on those weekend departures when the container ban is in effect.)

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