Democratic Review quotes, at length, a statement by the Harvard Republican Club that makes as cogent a case as I have seen for #NeverTrump #NeverHillary.
This fall, we will instead focus our efforts on reclaiming the Republican Party from those who have done it considerable harm, campaigning for candidates who will uphold the conservative principles that have defined the Republican Party for generations. We will work to ensure both chambers of Congress remain in Republican hands, continuing to protect against executive overreach regardless of who wins the election this November.

We call on our party’s elected leaders to renounce their support of Donald Trump, and urge our fellow College Republicans to join us in condemning and withholding their endorsement from this dangerous man. The conservative movement in America should not and will not go quietly into the night.

A longtime student of American democracy, Alexis de Tocqueville once said, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

De Tocqueville believed in the United States. Americans are a decent people. We work hard, protect our own, and look out for one another in times of need, regardless of the color of our skin, the God we worship, or our party registration. Donald Trump may not believe in that America, but we do. And that America will never cease to be great.
It's not clear, for reasons that I've remarked on previously, and for saecular reasons that require further elaboration, what "conservative movement" refers to.  And yet, respecting the separation of powers as spelled out in Article I of the Constitution is clearly conservative, in the sense of respecting established institutions.

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