Forget about Wikileaks or the Drudge Report or Donald Trump's tax returns or Hillary Clinton's lung function.  The real October Surprise might come to people who log on to the health insurance exchanges and discover that they can't keep their current insurance, and the replacement insurance will be worse.
ObamaCare is set to create winners like the people who now have insurance for the first time and losers like the millions that [Bill] Clinton described. Contrary to Obama’s oft-repeated broken promise, they couldn’t keep their doctor or coverage if they wanted to and are now, thanks to the collapse of the exchanges, paying far more than they used to for policies they don’t like. The middle class got it in the neck. As the prices continue to go up and as the mandates are applied to businesses, the tally of ObamaCare losers will to continue to grow.

Democrats absolutely refuse to acknowledge the basic facts Bill Clinton mentioned in his rant. While they pay lip service to the notion that Obamacare needs some fixing, their attitude to the basic contradiction at its heart is to deny that it exists. The obvious alternatives to this disaster—the market-based ideas of the House Republicans or the left’s preferred single payer option—are matters the Hillary Clinton campaign will contemplate. Which is why the only Democrat willing to say this is the man who is currently playing the role of the party’s crazy old uncle.
Resign yourself to the Conrail option?  Here's W. R. Mead's take.
[E]ven the hardiest defenders of what was once presented as the greatest Democratic policy innovation in a generation are now having to concede that it looks more and more like the inevitable failure the critics have always said it was. There is lots to chew on here, and the worried blue outlets now edgily coming to terms with one of the greatest failures in Democratic Party history still can’t quite admit the full scope of the failure. Naturally enough they are calling for more of the same: more bureaucracy, more centralization, more complex webs of cross subsidies, more ‘free’ stuff for more people.
And if you think health care is expensive now ...

Meanwhile, the exchanges are vanishing in Tennessee, coming undone in Minnesota,  and this morning on Betsy's Page there's enough gloom to fill Thomas Hardy's moors.  Plus physicians refusing to be treated like Wal-Mart's vendors.  Here's the box Reason's Peter Suderman sees Hillary Clinton in.  "Crucial elements of Obamacare are on teetering on the brink of collapse, and the only solutions that its backers have on offer involve spending more public money and giving the government even greater power over health coverage and care."

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