Hey, Chicago, whaddaya say?  Council's going to whine today.  "[S]pare a moment of sympathy for Chicago's aldermen, those public servants making six figure salaries, who until very recently enjoyed the perk of being able to buy Cubs' postseason tickets at face value, rather than on the open market, like the rest of us commoners."  That's unethical, as we saw on Thursday past.

Behaving ethically, however, is something else restricted to the commoners.
[T]wo Chicago aldermen reportedly blew off budget hearings earlier this week to take a road trip to Cleveland "in an SUV with a lobbyist and fundraiser" to watch Game 1 of the World Series, according to [Chicago's] Tribune

And because irony is apparently dead, 40 out of 50 Chicago city aldermen did not attend yesterday's annual ethics board meeting, according to Chicago Now. The Board of Ethics, which reportedly receives $850,000 in annual taxpayer funding, received no questions from the few aldermen who bothered to attend, and the meeting lasted five minutes.

In a petulant display, Alderman Anthony Beale, reportedly played a "Go Cubs, Go" chime on his cellphone to protest he and his colleagues' loss of an elite perk previously reserved only for stewards of good government like himself.
Contrast that with the treatment of university faculty, who can be given a do-over if they don't spend sufficient time on their annual online ethics training, and if you fail to complete the online module in the month provided, you get a longer version of the do-over, a letter of reprimand placed in your personnel file, double secret probation, and for all I know (having always completed the training within the time windows specified) Alberich puts a curse on you.

The gods of baseball, however, have not yet lifted the Curse of the Billy Goat.  Maybe the good people of Cleveland will bring in the blessing of Bob Uecker and the aldermanic special pleading will be just a bit outside.  Cubs are facing elimination Sunday.

Chicago's aldermen, however, being good Democrats all, will likely run away from the Cubs even faster than their Congressional colleagues are currently running away from FBI Director James Comey.

I have a bottle of Sprecher in reserve for the conclusion of the Series.

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