I ordinarily don't link to student commentaries, under the general principle of picking fights only with people of comparable experience.  This Northern Star column, however, features silly comments from some deanlet who has to justify her salary.
Dressing up as a member of the transgender community essentially mocks their struggle to go outside of society’s common labels and be themselves, said Molly Holmes, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

“[Costumes that] portray people dressing up in a gender that they don’t identify are for humor,” said Holmes. “Outside of costumes and Halloween, when we look at somebody’s gender identity as humorous, it really actually degrades the person. [It] inevitably is bad for [transgender] people because they’re targeted on their gender identity.”
In the scheme of things, the crosser, or gender dysphoric, or hermaphrodite, or what have you, is probably less dangerous than the sociopath.  There's nothing in the column cautioning against a goalie mask accessorized with a chain saw.  On the other hand, there's now targeting of professional identity.
Sexualized costumes with blinged-out badges and short skirts make it harder to respect actual professionals, especially women, who, even without these degrading costumes, are still fighting to be taken seriously, respected and equally paid.

Students should consider those who have gone through schooling and training to earn those uniforms and professions, rather than just picking them up at a costume shop.
The article comes complete with what the deanlets would rather not see, which means true transgressivity is to put this outfit together.

Fight the Power.
Retrieved from Northern Star on 25 October 2016.

Here's what's still permissible.  "Some fun examples could be a DIY pumpkin costume, Scooby Doo, a favorite candy bar or a clever pun costume such as a basketball jersey and a large doughnut to represent Dunkin’ Donuts."  That is, until somebody suggests that anything involving food is fat-shaming.  I'm not going to put that past the Diversity Weenies.  At Tufts University, for instance, The College Fix suggests that the Thought Police have deputized the campus police in case some comrade steps too far over the line.  There will be consequences.  The post rounds up other administrative atrocities.

Our universities are being run by truly stupid people.

This year, I will be at home for Hallowe'en.  In previous years I have greeted the urchins as Sherlock Holmes and as Ray Nitschke.  That latter gets a rise out of the local Bear fans, but we all know what the Bears still do.  This year, they'll get to meet Herr Doktor Stephan Ludwig, Freiherr von Masuren, from the King of Prussia's delegation to the Bavarian royal wedding.  Perhaps I'll report on the reactions next week.

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