Sgt. Mom of Chicago Boyz analyzes the Resistance in Flyoverlandia.  There's a lot of sympathetic commentary to this resistance, or rebellion, or generalized up-yours, circulating these days, some of it referenced in her post, some of it turns up here or here or here.  But the Democrat-Media-Academic-Entertainment complex has been bringing the nasty, and Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine bring the condescension, and it's time to say Enough.
The automatic sneer, the curling-upper-lip snobbish and very public contempt on display of late in any number of arenas is honestly getting to be too much to take. It was bad enough seeing the Tea Party trashed and demonized, and an otherwise agreeable, competent female and locally popular politician like Sarah Palin savaged by the national media minions of the ruling class – all because she wasn’t a member, or the spouse/spawn of a well-established member of the bicoastal ruling party club. The usual social justice class warriors who have somewhat of a sense for history (a diminishing number, let it be noted) lament and condemn the cruel snobbery of the Victorian upper classes, but honestly, I can’t see how they can keep a straight face when doing so, unless catastrophically deprived of any sense of irony. It was bad enough being put off ever listening to Garrison Keillor on Prairie Home Companion, when it became very, very obvious that he actually despised the people who made up real-life communities in Flyoverlandia.

But I do think that [Angelo "Ruling Class"] Codevilla has caught one aspect right; the vicious joy of insulting presumed inferiors without any thought of consequence has now overtaken a large number of people and organizations whom you would have thought would know better, both in an economic sense, and in a political sense. Hillary Clinton and her so-called “basket of deplorables” is the culmination of this kind of contempt brought to its full and nasty flowering. The brouhaha over gay weddings and the insistence on group bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms being open to anyone claiming identity with a gender at variance with their actual genitalia is another – and exacerbated when an individual expressing objections or even just mild reservation gets condemned as the worst sort of bigot. Then, there is apparent willingness of the NFL to go all out for demonstrations of good-think with regard to Black Lives Matter. You might think that an enterprise which depends on the goodwill of an audience to consider avoid antagonizing a large portion of that audience … but then Hollywood – by which I mean those who produce movies and broadcast entertainment – have been contemptuous of Flyoverlandia’s mainstream, socially conservative, mildly religious values for decades.
That gentry has been denying coherent beliefs of any kind, and perhaps they will yet suffocate of their own incoherence.  (And the best Hollywood can do these days is offer tendentious remakes of classic movies.  How could anyone mess up Ghostbusters or Magnificent Seven.  Guess what?)

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