Tuesday evening's Chicago Fire featured a major plot in which Stella rescues a runaway kid from a fire (we'll overlook for the moment that there's a homeless camp in one of the long-abandoned and sealed freight tunnels) then enlists the help of her chief, the director of Chicago Med, and the State's Attorney to locate him and maybe nudge him away from a bad place.  The minor plot involves Matt and Gabby caught up in some sort of Council Wars where an Establishment Politician uses the threat to expose Matt's use of clout to qualify a foster child as a blank check for all sorts of Political Favors.  But it turns out that the Establishment Politician is client of a political consultant who would like to groom Matt for higher office.  Matt finds out and tells the consultant she's fired.  (From the nasty expression on her face, I suspect we've not seen the last of her.)

It's not as aspirational as Father Knows Best or High Noon, and yet the good guys and the straight shooters hold the high ground as the credits roll.

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