A Russian carrier battle group is transiting the English Channel, and the Royal Navy are observing.  Remain calm, all is well, counsels The Guardian.
Military experts disagree on whether the 30-year-old aircraft carrier and its support vessels are truly needed to augment the already impressive Russian air capability in  Syria. After all, most of the Russian aircraft capable of using the carrier – such as the Su-33s and newer MiG-29Ks – have been using Hmeimim airbase in the Syrian coastal province of Latakia since September 2015, and the base is capable of launching even more sorties than at present.
Although Admiral Kuznetsov rates as one of the largest aircraft carriers at sea, it is smaller than, and carries fewer aircraft than, any of the Nimitz class carriers, mostly named for former Presidents.

What's interesting is the Expert Commentary, about Tsar Vladimir strengthening his position in Syria in advance of a "more hawkish" President Hillary.

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