The feel-good picture of Mrs Clinton walking her dog, that is.  "In the context of the media, the word 'pokazukha' is often applied to crude publicity stunts used to dupe or impress viewers of state-controlled TV."  Spot on, that.  The zakazukha is more pernicious.
The term "zakazukha" refers to a practice that became widespread in Russia in the 1990s of paying newspapers to publish tendentious articles. These would either praise the paymaster or his political or business associates, or else smear his opponents. For many Russian newspapers, these articles became a significant source of revenue.

The purely mercenary zakazukha is probably not as common today as it was ten years ago, but the practice of using the media to denigrate your political opponents is very much alive.
I was tempted to say something about the Democrat - Media - Entertainment complex, but in light of the events of last week, where Mr Trump finished his long march through the institutions, first taking down the Bush dynasty, then the Clinton dynasty, with her palace guard media paying for his promotions, maybe our establishment press aren't as good as the Russians.  (Sitting around in the early dark and playing chess might have something to do with that.)

But Charlie Sykes, yes, the Wisconsin-based organizer of the Never Trump movement, hoists a zakazukha warning over the Trumpening.
Rush Limbaugh has this line where he talks about the state-controlled media. We are now going to see what one really looks like in this country, where you are going to have this media network that will act like an echo chamber and an enforcer for somebody in power in the White House. You know that it will be deployed to attack and vilify other conservatives who might want to oppose Trump on initiatives.
It's Breitbart that Mr Sykes is referring to, although there's a Soviet era joke that will help. "Fairy tale used to begin, 'once upon a time.' Now it begins, 'Pravda says.'"

He continues.
All of that would be overwhelming, and it would also be intimidating. A lot of people I know in the media and in politics basically decided they were going to go along with Trump because it's just not worth it. It's just not worth the abuse you're going to get on social media. It's just not worth the kind of vilification you're going to get.

It's going to have a tremendous effect going forward, I think, on conservatives.
Get. A. Grip.  Use your medium to tell the truth about Barack Obama and the palace guard media will spin it in the worst possible way for however much of the viewing audience it still has; their epigones on CNN and MSNBC will find all the Geniuses who will Point Out The Errors; then the evening comedians will dial the ridicule up to Full Condescending Concern Trolling.

Use your medium to remind Donald Trump that Article I gives powers to Congress and Article II enumerates powers of a President and you cower in fear of a twitter-storm?  Mr Trump is not a libertarian conservative, not a constitutional conservative, not a cultural conservative, not a Chamber of Commerce conservative.  He will require support from interested people of those stripes.  But those people ought not rally to the support of, let alone remain silent in the presentation of, policies that they cannot agree with.  Particularly if it's out of fear of social media going crazy.  Social media is all about going crazy.  Consider the source.

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