So I suggested, back in September when the conventional wisdom was Voters Had Enough, but somehow Hillary Clinton and a divided Congress was the most likely outcome.

Secular orders are emergent, and sometimes complex adaptive systems yield a black swan.  Or Donald Trump winning Pennsylvania.  Sorry, Tingles.

But Reason's Jacob Sullum asks a rude question that, well, deserves to be asked.  "Will a ridiculous president encourage Americans to take the presidency less seriously?"  He continues.
Trump will not be my president. But neither is Barack Obama, and neither were any of the eight other men who have occupied the White House since I was born.

The phrase "my president" smacks of subservience, as in "my liege," "my lord," or "mein f├╝hrer." In our constitutional republic, the person selected for the job that Trump will assume on January 20 presides over the executive branch of the U.S. government, not over you or me.
Exactly. The president does not run the country. He does not run the economy. He does not run the government. His powers are checked by a Congress that has Article I powers.  "For those who see the president as a savior with the power to Make America Great Again, Trump's presidency will deliver a salutary lesson: Lower your expectations."  Perhaps what the failures of process-worship warped by Hope and Change could not do to The Cult of The Presidency, Celebrity Apprentice Goes to Washington can.


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Chris Matthews, who famously spoke of the tingle up his leg hearing Mr Obama speak.

Earlier this fall, his signoff, which he called "Election Diary," included a tribute to Mr Obama going into Pennsylvania, a state that all the calculations suggested was the keystone of any Trump win, to deliver the message, "No, you're not getting this."