Sometimes, the American Civil Liberties Union lives up to its reputation as the American Criminal Liberties Union.  I don't have to make this up. Cops Criticizing Colin Kaepernick Sent 'Ominous' Message At NJ High School Football Game.  Those cops are not commenting on Mr Kaepernick's recent play.  Rather, local police helped unfold a large flag before a high school football game.  Panic ensues.
"The police have a duty to defend the rights of protesters, not to use such a large-scale display of force that effectively silences people with differing viewpoints," said ACLU-NJ Policy Counsel Dianna Houenou in a statement.

"The statements made by the deputy police chief and the event's ostentatious show of power send an ominous, frightening message," added ACLU organizer Jasmine Crenshaw. "That, as an official stance, law enforcement will not tolerate expressions acknowledging our nation’s history of unequal treatment and systematic oppression."
There's more from Mx Crenshaw in a separate article.
"Entrance to one of the biggest sporting events in the area should not require that someone accept an atmosphere that suppresses political protest," Crenshaw said in a statement. "The magnitude of this event chills the belief that police should be held accountable when they abuse their power or discriminate against people of color, and pressures student athletes to act as props of the police."
Good grief.  But completely predictable for the so-called Civil Liberties Union.  On occasion I buy a video from Public Broadcasting, and that's probably why on occasion I get an issue survey from the Civil Liberties Union, which really ought to register as a political action committee for the freakazoids.  What did the survey focus on?  Religious freedom -- as in freedom to discriminate, freedom to get abortions, the rest of the BLTGQUINOA stuff.  Issue priorities -- preventing voter fraud, abortions, BLTGQUINOA stuff.  But the mask comes off in the strategies section.  "The ACLU is standing up to extremists in Congress and state legislatures who are conducting an all-out assault on reproductive rights, religious liberty, and LGBT equality."  And they beg for money.  But in the fine print, at the bottom of the page:  Contributions to the ACLU are not tax deductible for charitable purposes.  Well, it's indistinguishable from a Bernie Sanders Super-PAC.  That's a relief.

The survey came with a prepaid envelope, so I sent it back, with a few nasty remarks.  Maybe they'll go away.  (I was tempted to say b****r off, but they might take that as a proposition.)

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