Last week's Saturday Night Live featured a skit with some serious privilege-checking.
[Dave] Chappelle played a guest at an election night party with a group of white people. The sketch perfectly captured the smug confidence that Hillary Clinton supporters in New York City felt, followed by the terror and crushing defeat they felt when Trump won. And, thanks to Chappelle and special guest Chris Rock, it was funny.
Enjoy the show.

"Yeah, the brothers dig the Packers!"
In the sketch above, when the white people are saying that this election loss makes them think America is suddenly racist, or when they say the election loss is the worst thing the country has ever done, Chappelle and Rock just look at each other and roll their eyes and laugh. Comedy is a great tool to gently push the point that melodrama of the past week is not perceived the same by everyone outside of certain echo chambers.
The coastal chin-pullers are discovering that Wisconsin votes matter.
[Mrs] Clinton herself never campaigned here during the general election, and [Mr] Trump deluged the airwaves with television advertising, which may have helped him secure the victory margin of less than 30,000 votes, state political analysts said. And, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, Trump made at least five visits to the state in the final three months of the campaign.
You'd think the coastal Smart People and the self-styled progressives would catch on.  For all the talk of a weak state economy, of union busting and recalls, of gutting the University of Wisconsin, of passing on the upgrade to the Hiawatha Service, of the strong economy and the emerging football team in Minnesota, it's Wisconsin that provides the intellectual ammunition for the Never Trump conservatives, plus enough oomph in the national party that Mr Trump has to bring the Wisconsin touch into his White House.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, of Janesville, is considered one of the party’s brightest young stars, and Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus, grew up in Green Bay. Both chambers of the state legislature have Republican majorities, and the governor, Scott Walker, is a Republican.
Mr Priebus will be White House Chief of Staff. Mr Trump will have to make smart deals with Speaker Ryan.

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