Rush Limbaugh got all sorts of grief for hoping that Mr Obama would not be able to implement his less incrementalist agenda, because what would happen next didn't look good.  "I hope he fails" can carry that message, or something else.

Now comes Michael Cohen, in Boston's Globe, hoping Mr Trump will fail, spectacularly.
[S]uccess for Trump would be a disaster for America. If his campaign promises are to be taken at face value, his success would mean that tens of millions of Americans may lose health care insurance. It would mean a step back on fighting climate change that could have a catastrophic, even apocalyptic effect on the planet. It would mean a shredded social safety net and little federal attention to voting restrictions and structural racism in America’s criminal justice system. It would mean global instability and a weakening of American’s leadership role in the world. It would mean acquiescence to an assertive Russia and a weakening of the international institutions that help to maintain global order. It would mean disastrous trade wars and a domestic agenda that would do more to harm the people who voted for Trump than help them. It would mean mass deportation — and a humanitarian catastrophe — for millions of undocumented immigrants.
That's why we have separation of powers. When Republicans in Congress resisted Mr Obama's policy proposals, that's not obstruction, that's attempting to mitigate a disaster.  Should Democrats in Congress resist Mt Trump's policy proposals, that's not obstruction, either.  It will help, though, if Democrats have something more substantive than "mean-spirited" or something ending in "-ist" or "-phobic" to their objections.

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