Hillary Clinton blames the director of the FBI.
Clinton still thinks the email issue is bogus, even though she also thinks it cost her the election. On Saturday, according to the [New York] Times, Clinton said Comey's second letter, confirming his conclusion that there is no basis to prosecute her, was "even more damaging" than his announcement that the FBI had found more emails to examine, causing a last-minute drop in swing-state poll numbers. In other words, a conclusion that Clinton views as completely exonerating her was not perceived that way by voters. Evidently they did not agree with her that she should not be faulted for her recklessness and lies as long as her actions fell short of a felony.
That's a stretch, particularly for a supposedly experienced politician with the elite of spinners and the palace guard media to crap all over the story.

I had no reason to vote for Mrs Clinton: my reasons for not voting for her are the same as my reasons for not voting for Mr Obama, or Mr Kerry before him, or Mr Gore before him, or Mr Clinton ...

But even if you believe in unicorns, you might have reservations over having as your president someone who will attribute bad motives to those who vote against you.

You might have reservations about somebody who conducted a joyless campaign.

Or you might have reservations about somebody who seemed more interested in scolding the people who supported her than in being their president.

Or perhaps the Black Swan has landed.

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