But collegiate basketball goes on, Thanksgiving break for the band or not.  Saturday evening, Northern Illinois hosted Illinois State in a women's game that followed a holiday tournament organized by the men's team.

At halftime, seventh-graders (at left) and eighth-graders (at right) from DeKalb and Sycamore (at left) carried out a scrimmage, under the watchful eye of some of the men's team.

Yeah, that's a halftime score.  The objective used to be to hold the opponent under sixty points, even if that meant scoring just over sixty in the entire game.  New coach, and for once in a long time, fifteen players dressed.

There's still some sort of audience participation for entertainment.  Thin crowd, so no "make noise for pizza" challenge.  This year, put collegians on tricycles to race to one end of the court.

Then pick up a basketball and race the other way to sink a lay-up.  Long legs aren't helpful on tricycles, but getting up-court with the ball is another matter.

Game's end, and the traditional "good game" rituals.

Northern Illinois are among the national leaders in scoring, joining the likes of Baylor, Maryland, and Ohio State.  It has been a long time since that particular combination of words has been possible.

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