Kurt Schlichter's People's Republic is speculative fiction in which the Democrat-controlled states part ways with the Republican-leaning states.  Then the Democrat-controlled states collapse, or something.  But the Cause that Impelled the People to their Separation was ... Hillary Clinton becoming president.

That didn't turn out exactly the way anyone planned, did it?  Except California, Oregon, and Washington voted for Mrs Clinton and a lot of Democrats down-ballot, and the secession talk emanating from the people who don't live in Jesusland has resumed, with California, Oregon, and Washington first out.

Which provokes some speculation from Fred Frailey about international commerce on the rails.
Will the Republic of California have free and open borders with neighboring counties, including Mexico and the United States? Or will passengers aboard the California Zephyr and Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited be required to carry passports or, worse than that, be required to go to the California embassies and consulates in the U.S. to acquire visas for their passports? At the international frontiers west of Reno, Nev., and in Needles, Calif., and Yuma, Ariz., will there be gentle knocks on your bedroom door, as someone says, “Your passports, please”? Or will passengers have to disembark from the Amtrak trains and file through security?  I so hate those lines. . .

Freight traffic . . . oh wow! BNSF Railway is running some humongous doublestack trains these days. Will the boxes be carefully searched in both directions, and what impact will this have on the fluidity of both BNSF and Union Pacific train operations? This could consume hours or even days. The yards in Needles and Yuma aren’t much to speak of anymore, so some serious expansion of tracks would seem in order.
We already have overweening Federal officials conducting unreasonable searches on the Zephyr, the Sunset, and the rest.

As far as those stack trains?  With the enlargement of the Panama Canal, Jesusland (or is it The United States?) can resupply through New Orleans, while the hipsters on the west coast will have less congestion at the Ports of Seattle or Oakland or Los Angeles - Long Beach.

Did Mr Frailey have Mr Schlichter's Kindle opus in mind with that reference to People's Republic of California?

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David Foster said...

I guess California will get to run its own air traffic control system. That should be amusing.