Last week, a number of high-paid officials at Northern Illinois University organized a chalk-in, to protest the outcome of the presidential election, or perhaps it was the end of a streak of bowl appearances.

A current member of the faculty provides background.
Last week, at Northern Illinois University where I teach, there was a discussion aimed at addressing the issue of safety for our most vulnerable students: people of color, especially Black students and undocumented students (who, at NIU, mostly come from Mexico), as well as women and LGBTQI individuals.
Apparently, there has been a Yobs With Confederate Battle Flag sighting. (On occasion, I have seen such a pickup truck around town. Some people come with warning labels.)

But get past the usual virtue-signalling, and there's an interesting story, involving the Clinton Foundation, the Haitian dictatorships, and some imaginative use of social media by Team Trump.  Counter Punch.  Breitbart.  Verify it first.

Fascism is always hovering over the United States.  But it lands on Europe, or perhaps on Haiti.

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