We previously noted the cry-bullies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison retreating to a safe space to plot the disruption of a Ben Shapiro talk on campus.  The disruption itself began with the discontented people yelling SAFETY! in response to Mr Shapiro asserting things that did not confirm their priors.  University flacks have now offered their Official Response, noting that Mr Shapiro had been invited by a Registered Student Organization (that's a proper noun, meaning their freedom of assembly has Official Approval, something that in a world of free speech zones and sensitivity codes cannot be taken for granted) and thus worthy of a forum.  Fine.

What the opening boilerplate of the statement giveth, the closing paragraph taketh back.
We are dedicated to promoting a campus environment where all people feel valued and respected.  To that end, the university expects community members to engage in discussion, especially over controversial issues, in ways that are respectful of others’ viewpoints and that promote greater understanding. We are disappointed that some attendees at the event chose not to do so.
Well, no, creating protected classes of people, and treating some viewpoints as problematic or triggering or microaggressive, is going to enable the people who enjoy the protections to Otherize or marginalize those viewpoints.

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