Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo sees something unusual happening.
As much as anything there is a revolt against the increasingly urban and non-white America symbolized by the 'Obama coalition', one that combines racial backlash, economic decline and cultural marginalization. There is something there that goes far beyond anything that can be addressed by a more class based politics alone.
What it is isn't exactly clear.  Charles C. W. Cooke of National Review has one explanation.  There may not be a revolt against the "Obama coalition," although there may be a revolt against the excesses of the Democrat-Media-Entertainment-Academic Complex.  "This brave new world came into being a long while ago. Only a fool shows up at the changing of the guard and complains about the soldiers’ new uniforms."

Matt Steinglass, affiliated with The Economist, sees a similar revolt in Europe, where he suggests that the Old Center can no longer hold.
Europe’s mainstream parties have tried to freeze out the populists, forming centrist left-right coalitions and creating a cordon sanitaire to keep them from power. These tactics no longer work. In some countries, the radicals are entering government. In others, they are forcing centrists to adopt their policies. That will mean a Europe where immigrants and Muslims are increasingly unwelcome, free trade is unpopular, and the euro and the European Union itself are fragile.
Years ago, it was the Marxists who chanted "No More Business As Usual."  Be careful what you wish for, you might get it, if not in exactly the form you had in mind.

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