That's current Northern Illinois basketball captain and Army ROTC Cadet Ally Lehman.
Lehman, the first student-athlete to go through the ROTC program at NIU, was competing for active-duty, but it wasn’t guaranteed she would receive the opportunity. She was panicking, texting her friends to have chocolate ready because she was going to eat away her emotions if things didn’t work out.

Once Lehman was in [lieutenant colonel Jerome] Morrison’s office, Morrison jokingly asked her about her resume for a civilian career—a career outside of the Army for Army Reserves and the National Guard. If Lehman didn’t receive active-duty, she would go to the Army Reserves to try and play basketball overseas, but she didn’t have to worry about that because Morrison informed Lehman she would be going active-duty. Lehman responded by jumping up and high-fiving Morrison, although Morrison was unsure whether he was going to be receiving a high-five or a punch as he said Lehman can be a bit intimidating.
She screened for infantry.
Going active-duty has made all of the training's, practices, and mornings where she questioned waking up worthwhile for Lehman.

As of right now, she would love to be in the Army for the rest of her life. She wants to be a barrier breaker for females in a society that tells females they can’t handle the same things as men.

In the Occupational Physical Assessment Test taken over the summer, Lehman scored as the number one female in her company—there are four different platoons in a company and each platoon had 40-60 cadets.

She also finished above some of her male peers.

“I want to show women that it is possible,” Lehman said. “I want to show men that we can hang with them any day.”
Stay safe.

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