Former speaker of the House and current Donald Trump guru Newt Gingrich also collaborated with William R Forstchen on some speculative alternative histories.  We've already looked at one trilogy, in which Robert E. Lee gets himself trapped in Maryland after winning at Gettysburg, and at a vision of Pearl Harbor in which Admiral Yamamoto orders the third strike on the tank farms.

That was the first of what I understood to be a trilogy, similar to the alternate end to the Southern Rebellion, but it appears as though they stopped with Days of Infamy.  For the 75th observance of the Day of Infamy, a brief Book Review No. 23.  Let's say that Admiral Yamamoto lets his force run wild with the carriers not accounted for (something he was inclined to do anyway, as he had advised his political masters in Tokyo that United States production would begin to tell in six months to a year) and Admiral Halsey does what Admiral Halsey does, and a few ships that lasted until later in the war go to Davy Jones.  Some of the ideas that occurred to both sides as the war went on emerge quickly.  I wonder if some of the characters are descendants of characters who were at Gettysburg or Frederick.

But without that third book, there will be a lot of what ifs for the reader to contemplate.

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