Maybe Donald Trump was a better candidate than George McGovern or Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis, who might have received hidden assistance from Dzerzhinskii Square.  Perhaps the heirs to Yuri Andropov are spying on U. S. political parties and issuing disinformation.  But to favor Mr Trump?  Rush Limbaugh has none of it.
Was Vladimir Putin responsible for Donald Trump's campaign strategy?  Did Putin secretly influence this election so Donald Trump would put a bunch of warrior generals in positions of high responsibility in the U.S. military?  You're telling me that Vladimir Putin wants a bunch of George Patton-type people in our cabinet?  You're telling me that's what Vladimir Putin wanted and he cheated this election so that that's what Trump would do?
That, plus Comrade Putin had to encourage Hillary Clinton to tie up traffic raising money on Manhattan and in Hollywood, and then go back to Chappaqua for a nap, rather than to Wisconsin, where a friendly audience might be had in Madison, or at Serb Hall in Milwaukee, which used to be traditional for Democrats.  But revealing her true self to the high-rollers was an unforced error, it had nothing to do with the Russians.
Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to pile up all those votes in California and New York instead of focusing on electoral battleground states? When did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to call half the country deplorables?  Man, oh, man, oh, man.  What power Putin has!
The electors will be submitting their reports tomorrow. What will happen next?

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