Rush Limbaugh on the error the Political Establishment is making.
Their business is to remain mired in process.  They call it deliberation, thoughtful, reasonable deliberation.  Trump doesn't know any of that.  Trump is not a process guy.  To him, process is delay.  Process is obfuscation.  Process is incompetence.  People engaging in process are a bunch of people masking the fact they don't know what they're doing, and he has no time for 'em and no patience.

Donald Trump gets things done.  That's all there is, getting things done, accomplishing objectives.  And you watch.  The reaction to Trump is, "We can't do it that way.  This is not the way we do it. That's not the way it's always been done."  It's almost cliched, but that is what I expect is gonna happen, and the Democrats, I think, are gonna end up falling even flatter on their face than they have to date because they still are living in a state denial.

And part of that denial is a supremacy or a superiority about themselves and I think they're telling themselves in private, "Yeah, just wait 'til this guy gets here, we'll show him.  Ha-ha-ha, Trump may think he's ruling the roost right now, Trump may be owning all the media, Trump may have all the momentum, but wait 'til he runs up against us and the way we do things." And I think they are gonna be bulldozed.

I think they're gonna steamrolled and I don't think they have the slightest idea yet, and if you watched what happened last night in Cincinnati, if you enjoyed it, buckle up, because I predict you are going to have day after day after day of overwhelming enjoyment once Trump actually gets inaugurated.  There are gonna be setback days, obviously.  But we haven't seen anything like this.
The best response to "This is not the way we do it," as regular readers know is,  How well has that worked out?

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