Women's Hoops picks up a story that a basketball game in the People's Republic of Madison wasn't exactly a celebration of diversity.
After the Madison East Lady Purgolders basketball team beat Middleton High School 75-63 on Monday, the players' celebration was cut short by an insensitive social media post.

A Middleton player posted the following comment to her Instagram page: “I would say good game but a good game doesn’t involve intentionally trying to hurt two of our players and then laughing about it like it was a funny joke. Be aggressive not violent!! Thanks #youregonnaworkforusanyways.”

The Instagram page has been deleted.
Of course it has.

East High is in the industrial section of Madison, between the Ray-O-Vac factory and Oscar Mayer packing plant, and not far from Monona Yard on the railroad.  Well, maybe was, I think the battery factory and the packing house are both closed now.

Middleton is a suburb to the west of Madison.  Tories to windward.  And apparently the politically correct attitudes of the University and high level state employees haven't filtered down to all the spawn of Middleton and Cross Plains residents.  Or perhaps behaving like a deplorable is the only way to rebel these days.

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