Work continues on the extension of South Shore Line interurban service to Munster, Indiana.  The art of issuing transfers is not yet lost.
Five trains destined for Chicago will head north, and one will come south from the city, during morning rush hour, and the same number will run in the opposite directions during evening rush hour. Twelve more trains will shuttle passengers between Munster and Hammond during non-peak hours, and 20 trains will make the Munster-Hammond run on Saturdays and Sundays.
Read on, though, and call the roll of fallen flag railroads, now available to exercise enthusiasts.
West Lake Corridor's use of the old Monon Railroad right-of-way has implications for the Monon hike and bike trail and, to a lesser degree, the Erie Lackawanna trail, requiring moving portions of them and relocating the Monon trail bridge over the Little Calumet River.

The preferred route would overlay about 5,000 feet of the existing Monon trail between Fisher Street in Munster and Douglas Street in Hammond, and about 320 feet of the Erie Lackawanna trail near downtown Hammond, according to the [environmental impact statement].

Crossing the railroad to get to or from the trail would be limited to at-grade street crossings, according to the [statement].

The railroad would cross the Pennsy Greenway trail at the Maynard Junction flyover in Munster, which begins north of Superior Avenue and continues to Fisher Street. A culvert or similar structure would provide clearance for the trail under the rail flyover.
In railroad terms, the Monon for Indianapolis and Louisville and the Erie-Lackawanna for Hoboken divide near the State Line interlocking, which will be just west of the new Hammond Gateway station (and South Shore recently improved passenger facilities at the existing Hammond station) whilst the Pennsy Greenway trail is the old Panhandle for Pittsburgh via Richmond, Indiana.

Electric cars may be running on the Munster line by 2020.

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