Northeastern Illinois University have been in tough financial shape for some time, and continuing uncertainty about state appropriations have provoked another furlough, this time with cancelled classes, and the timing appears to be in such a way as to provoke maximal angst among students. "Northeastern Illinois interim President Richard Helldobler called the state's unprecedented budget impasse a 'state of emergency' for the Chicago-based university, which will no longer hold classes Tuesday, Wednesday and May 1."  I'm not sure which Tuesday and Wednesday the statement refers to.  May 1 is the last day of classes, with final examinations beginning May 2.  (No Friday Reading Day, the way Northern Illinois does it.)

Previous furloughs were done in a way less inconvenient to students, and it might have turned unofficial faculty mental health days into unpaid faculty mental health days.  "After temporarily terminating 300 student aides, the university required its 1,100 employees to take five days off from March 20-24 over spring break."

The article notes the university is celebrating a sesquicentennial, with commencement ceremonies to proceed as scheduled.  The commencement speaker?  Former president Combine fixer-at-large Valerie Jarrett.

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