I've been fighting it out on this line for much longer than ten years.

Cut costs by toughening standards.

I have not seen anything to convince me otherwise.  Consider, for instance, Matt Reed, correctly noting that it is impossible to cut your way to greatness.  Indeed not, why should higher education be any different from railroads or steel, or, but wait a day or so for this, the airlines?

But he doesn't want to solve the budget problem by going upscale, which is probably the correct stance for a community college, although there has to be such an opportunity among the land-grants and mid-majors, where a message of "We Take Intellectual Inquiry Seriously" might sway some people away from the Middleburys and Oberlins and Yales.  For Dean Dad, "The challenge now is success, not space."

When you have eliminated the impossible, Watson, whatever remains, no matter how improbable ...

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